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The Feminist Taboo

When the hell did “Feminist” become a dirty word? “I’m not a feminist, but…” I came across this Youtube video right in the middle of the “Shit X says” craze of a few months back, and found it especially accurate. Why do people feel the need to distance themselves from feminism? Hell, a few … Continue reading

Sucker Punch Sucks: Why this aspiring “feminist” film is fatally flawed – Part One

Warning: The clips and images linked to in this article, while not too explicit, do have elements of a sexual nature. I would recommend that due to the overlying themes of Sucker Punch, they are NSFW, if only because you don’t want to give anyone the wrong idea and have to answer some awkward questions. … Continue reading

An Introduction to Faulty Feminism

Oh boy (or should that be girl?).   I’ve probably already alienated half of the people flicking through WordPress by having the word “Feminist” in my Username. But to those willing to give me a bit of a chance, please take note of the word just before that, “Faulty”. Because I am. Oh yes, I … Continue reading